A letter

Twas the week before finals…

In Uncategorized on December 5, 2012 at 10:08 am

Twas the week before finals and all through the house,

every creature was stirring, go ask the mouse.

Crumbs had been left under each person’s chair,

and surprisingly not one person seemed to care.

Stockings were hung here and there, don’t you stare!

And husbands were complaining there were none clean to wear.

Laundry was piled as high as can be,

so high that a peering neighbor could see.

Not a child was nestled or even in bed.

But asking for water or bumping his head.

The mother so frazzled she can’t even think,

all she can do is stand there and blink.

If passing by you hear such a clatter,

Don’t worry, it’s normal, nothing’s the matter.

“Now Leon, now Solie, or whatever your name,

Pick up your toys before I’m insane.”

Thick enough walls couldn’t hide all the yelling,

But who was in trouble? No one is telling.

Many a tissue boxes are empty.

She even stocked up so she would have plenty.

Dishes are piled high in the sink,

and garbages left are starting to stink.

At 8 she plops on the couch with a sigh,

and she may not move until midnight draws nigh.

He walks through the door for kiss and a bite,

and leaves crying children as he takes flight.

Books and papers are strewn all about.

Hoping he’ll have it all figured out.

The park has kept many mothers more sane.

It changes things up so the day’s not mundane.

Then we head home to eat one time more,

Peanut butter and Jelly, just as before.

You might think we’re crazy, but don’t worry don’t fret.

Next week we’ll be normal, I’ll even place bets.

Things will be tidy and children so clean.

And everyone will be kind instead of quite mean.

So during finals, when you don’t know what to do.

Do nothing it’s simple, you will get through.

When in doubt, just sit down and laugh.


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  1. These pictures of you guys are amazing! I love them!

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