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A ten year tribute…

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June, 28th, 2012
Ten years ago today, in NY City a tall, dark, and handsome man walked into my life, and since that day, he’s never left.  David Michael Engelhardt’s his name and I’m still madly in love with him.  Actually, quite a bit more. I’m sitting here now, in Margaretville, NY at dad and mom’s writing you while the kids and Cousin Alexis watch Narnia.  Its almost unfathomable to me that ten years have gone by since I first experienced Margaretville and first laid eyes on the man who would change my life forever.  It was June 2002, exactly ten years ago, that I was sitting in a hotel lobby in downtown Manhattan, doing who knows what?  My buddy, (A Jr. High girl who was my pal throughout our NY City trip for “The Call”) was not feeling well, and instead of working in the projects that day, I was stuck at the hotel, while she slept in our room.  I’m not sure I could have been more bummed about not going.  Hind sight, I’m not sure I could be happier about it.  Who knew that staying back, was the very thing that would shape my life forever.  All I remember was turning my head and seeing the most gorgeous man I had ever seen walk through the revolving doors of the hotel.  Instantly a voice inside my head said, “that’s the guy your going to marry”.  I didn’t fight it, or try to disagree, I was sold.  Of course I wanted to marry him.  David was wearing jeans,  an army green cut off shirt, and had a duffel bag slung across his body.  His arms were chiseled and he was a bronzed as I have ever seen him.  He had been pool-side at his parents for 6 weeks prior to the day we met, and  I was smitten.  Three days later us chaperones, were heading on the train, upstate to hang with David and his family, and do a youth service at David’s parents church.  I was meeting the family already, but no one could know.  I had to act like nothing was going on.  As you know, that was not the easiest task I have ever been assigned.  Being the one who wears her emotions on her sleeve, acting non-chalaunt was like trying to fit a camel through the eye of a needle.  I did my best.  Everything was perfect. Three years later, just shy of a few weeks, we said our “I do’s” and spent the best two-plus-weeks of our lives honeymooning in Maui.  I love this man, I do.  Our life has been a tale full of adventure, laced with joy and tears.  We have shook hands with contentment, and restlessness.  We’ve said many hellos, and plenty of good byes.  We’ve lost a pound and gained back ten.  We may have tripped a time or two, but we always get back up.  We’ve learned to love more, and live better.  Jesus gave us two gifts too, a talker, Leon, and a hugger, Solomon.  We are richly blessed!  I hate to say it, but despite getting older, (which I have feared) these ten years, have proven to me that truly the best is always around the corner and I have nothing to fear.

Your friend,


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