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The world of Skype and itchy butts….

In Year 2 on May 11, 2012 at 7:41 am

We did it.  We survived finals and our 1st year of law school.  I am thrilled.  We had a wonderful 10 days off together, including several trips to the Zoo (David’s favorite), several trips to the beach, and one big trip to see Bonte’ and Lee.  We had a ball.  I think we gained several pounds each just being at their house with all the good food we ate.  Well worth every lb though.  At least I thought so at the time.  My absolute favorite thing of the 10 days, other than seeing my man, was seeing bub’s band play at a festival.  I was in heaven.  I couldn’t have been more proud, more happy, or had a better time.  He is a machine of a drummer.  It made me miss playing with him, but not in a sad way.  The only thing that would have made break better was if we could have actually hung out  with bub. I miss him. Leon has been histerical as usual.  We were listening to The Paper Tongues last night and I stepped out of the room for a minute and heard the following; “I miss you Aswan”.  I about died to find him hand-over-heart area, saying, “I really miss you Aswan”.  Then we were watching their daily studio video, in which Uncle is talking, and upon seeing him began jumping up and down waving his hand shouting…”hi Uncle, hi!” He thought it was Skype.  Unreal.  You know we live in the century we do when a 3 year old automatically thinks seeing someone you know on a video means you are Skyping. It was too cute.  We really do miss Uncle and many others too.

We have been doing an advent calendar counting down the days first to Aunt Bonte’s and Uncle Lee’s, which has now come and gone and then to Grammy and Pee-Paw’s.  I have been trying to explain the concept of counting down sleeps.  I’m not sure he quite get’s the concept.  He’ll point to random boxes on the calendar and say, “these are my sleeps, and those are yours”.  Oh well, it was worth a try. He is very very concerned aobut Hobes no longer having toys for him to play with.  Speaking of Skype, every time we do with anyone at Mom and Dad’s he wants to talk to Hobes and asks if he can see Hobes room and his guys.  The other day in the car he matter of fact-ly said that maybe Hobes could turn into a little boy again so that he could have toys for him.  Brilliant idea and hilarious train of thought.  He also said that Sol should go to Baby school so that he could turn into a tiny, tiny baby like Daniel (our friends 2 month old baby).  We love that he knows school is for learning, and that if someone needs to learn something, be it turning back into a baby, or learning to be a ninja, that school is the answer.

Sol hardly says a word but gives as many snuggles as Leon’s words if you were to add them up.  He finally said Mama the other day.  We are frequently trying to get him to say things.  The other day we were asking if he could say “bird”. After several times of trying to get him to say it, Leon said, “Sol, can you say Pter0dactyl?” He is un-real.  At Uncle Lee’s after days of crawling on hard wood floors, and cement, Sol’s knees were bruised. He can walk, he just hasn’t fully connected the dots.  So, rather than walking, he resorted to butt scooting.  It looks hilarious.  What was equally hilarious is that Uncle Lee thought his butt must itch.  I laughed so hard.  Too funny. It is a logical thought, but I think bruised knees was the problem rather than an itching butt.  I will keep it in mind though, if in the future it is ever a problem.

I feel blessed and a have felt a new wave of grace this last week as well.  It has been the first week of our summer schedule.  David’s schedule is a whopper for him, and I am daily praying for grace for these 6 weeks for him.  I am thankful that it has been less difficult than I had imagined.

Miss you as always.  All my love,


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