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A Ball for the Barrister!

In Home in Virginia on March 24, 2012 at 7:41 am

It pays to be a barrister.  What is a barrister you might ask?  Not exactly sure, but they throw a ball for us once a year and although it was more like a high school reunion than a ball, we still had one.   We had the best company!  Two couples, sadly enough are 3L’s in the language of law school.  This in normal human terms means they are leaving us in 2-5 weeks.  This is the sucky part of law school.  Upon first moving here, and so many introductions, my ears were listening for only one phrase…”we’re 3L’s”.  Upon hearing that phrase, it was an almost instant reaction to, erase face, and find some reason you know you wouldn’t get along.  Thankfully, the erase face part, and  the finding reason’s you wouldn’t get along with them part, were both extremely difficult tasks.  So many dear friends, that I will miss dreadfully.  It’s quite the strange cycle of emotional status’.  When you get here you can’t wait to leave, and hope the three years, doesn’t feel like the rest of your life.  But the leaving ones, (wives that is) now are wanting to stay.  I’m not sure I entirely believe them, but heck, I want them to stay too.  Anyhow, back to the ball.  I think all us ladies felt like kids in a candy store: Make up, heels, jewelry, hot dresses, hot dates, child free. (translated into child terms, would be; skittles, starbursts, m&m’s, twix, etc.) We were plain giddy.  While the venue, and food were less than say you, regal, or delectable, nothing was stopping our fun.  Nothing like dancing the night away.  Children somehow don’t get the memo on sleeping in though.  I swear I wrote and re-wrote the memo a thousand times for them.  I guess I forgot they can’t read yet.  Thanks be to God for coffee in the morning and cute squishable bare baby and toddler legs.  In the face of blatant tiredness, somehow these three factors still manage to draw out a grin.  As Leon would say too, “the sun is awake mom, see?”

This is all I can rationally “up-to-date” you on for now.  Maybe after a few more cups of coffee I will muster up the cognitive ability to write more.  Miss you as usual!


Best part...new bracelets!

I love the back of the bracelets equally.



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