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I’ll have water with my water…

In Uncategorized on February 9, 2012 at 9:50 am

I am about as good at dieting as I am at gardening.  Good at being terrible at it.  I hate dieting!  I also hate that after 2 babies none of my clothes fit like I want them too, and I like the clothes I have. I decide I am going to eat healthy, not eat after dinner, eat smaller portions and that I will swear off sweets, and also, that I will start tomorrow.  I then decide that today, I should eat everything in sight since I won’t be eating like this again for a while.  It’s seems the moment I decide that I should focus on being healthy and trying to shave off these post baby pounds that seem to hang on like a stuck booger on a toddler’s face, that I then have this ravenous desire to drink a carton of half and half.  If only I could have the mentality that each choice in every situation leads to a healthier me I would be in much better shape, both mentally, and physically.  Who else is supposed to finish Leon’s pop tart? Exactly, I am the only option.  The people that smile and say, “I’ll have a water, with my half a salad” are a mystery to me. You may as well just drink water by itself.  I am the category that want’s a whole-milk mocha to start, then I will have the dish swimming in butter, with a basket of rustic breads and European butter, and I will also have the half a salad, but why don’t you make it a whole salad.  I will also have a bit of your dessert after.  I just love food, and not just regular food, but good food.  If I didn’t have a husband, I would just stock my fridge with things I hate and I am sure I would drop the pounds in no time.  Unfortunately, I have trained my husband in the love of fine foods as well.  I had a revelation the other day though.  All of us will get old, saggy, more plump and tubby in areas, wrinkly and more beautiful with time.  So, while we try to maintain our image of beauty, we should hold it lightly and remember as well, that it is temporary, and fleeting.  Also I would take my 2 children 1000 times over my old self.  They have made me a better, slightly altered me.  I am thankful for that.  They are also giving me the chance to work on my self discipline and giving me the chance to go at loosing weight the good ol’ fashioned way of hard work and self control.  What’s not to love about that.  If at first I don’t succeed, I will realize that I do in fact love delicious things more than fitting my pants well.  That friend is the bottom line. I challenged a friend to a weight loss competition.  Who ever looses it first get’s a prize.  So dear,  I write you on day one, it’s going well so far, but it is only 11:49 am.  And with that, I will go drink a glass of water 🙂  Miss you friend. 




  1. Oh yes, and this is why I love you 🙂 I should join you, I am suffering from post baby/ vacation and not working out pooch. I just love food too.

    • You should join. It goes like this, you eat really good for a day or two and drop a few pounds, then eat like a horse on the weekends and are back up. 🙂 love and miss you.

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