A letter

Our imaginary Christmas card…and vomit…

In Landing on January 4, 2012 at 9:15 pm

Well, as I have come to find out, most things in life don’t go as planned.  It’s neither good nor bad, just life I guess.  Sometimes it’s great they don’t, occasionally it’s sad, and most of the time it’s good.  Us not sending out a Christmas card falls under the sad category.  I think in our whole married life of 7 Christmases we have only successfully sent out one card and photo combo.  Depressing!!! In my perfect world, we would have one for each year showing how our family has changed, how we have gradually gained weight, and we would eventually frame them etc.  The one year we did take a photo, with Chubbs (he was the lucky “child” that has made face-space in our one send out) we only sent out about half of them due to address collection.  I found the sealed, named, yet address-less cards when we packed up the house.  Oh well, I should probably let it go, but it’s just plain depressing in my opinion.  We took a great photo this year, the boys had matching fur lined hats with ear flaps that snap under the chin, and David and I had complete fur hats, mine creamish, his blackish, of the same sort.  At least we have the photo, you can just imagine how amazing it looked in your head and imagine my  kind words to you as well, that I wrote in the most cheery card you have ever received.

There, now that that is out of the way, how was Christmas?  Ours was splendid minus sicknesses surrounding.  Poor Sol baby, after 2 recent ear infections, and a continual snotty nose the last month or two, he also had to get Leon’s nasty cough.  Both boys were not at the top of their game going to NY, but we had  a wonderful time anyhow.  They practically have an entire toy store in their room now, and many a new pair of jeans and shoes thanks to Grandma and Grandpa, and Grammy and PeePaw. I think we may have every “battle guy”, and action figure known to man kind now.  Leon has a “Spidy” mask, and “Cap” mask, (Spider Man and Captain America incase you didn’t follow) complete with shield, and a cape and a eye cape companion (not sure what the little slit eye hole mask device is called).  We can battle the universe at our house.  So if ever, you need assistance in your life, call us up, we’ll be on our way.  Leon turned 3 in NY as well, and Mom threw him a birthday party with kids from their church.  It was fantastic to see his little mind absorbing this all.  Hilariously, on the morning of his birthday, we awoke to find the entire box of cupcakes on the floor in a pile, several missing frosting and a stained Leon face.  I guess he couldn’t wait for cake till later.  I still can’t believe we have a 3 year old.  Where has time gone.  We found a video of him when I was just a few months pregs with Solie.  There is some crazy song out there that says “fat guy in a little coat”.  (this is none of my doing, I repeat, none of my doing)  He somehow heard this song and used to sing it.  He also used to say for weeks after “thats a fat guy” having no idea what it meant.  In this video he was saying that phrase and we would say “who is a fat guy?”  He paused and then proceeded to say, “Maggie is”.  We died watching this video. He’s grown up so much and is still such a character.

David and I enjoyed some much needed us time over break.  I forgot what it was like to share life with my best friend on a daily basis.  How I miss him. It’s a rough adjustment back to my solo world, but at least this time I know we can do it.  We got in a couple of dates and just enjoyed time together as a fam with the boys.  It was the first time ever in my life that I didn’t see any of my family over Christmas or New Years.  So strange.  I miss them so dearly.  Sigh. Thankfully, we’ve been married a while and Engelhardt traditions feel like Christmas to me now too.  Minus the snow (grrr…NY) we had such a wonderful trip home.

Sol is proudly standing up to furniture and scaring us half to death with his bravery.  Days after learning to crawl, I was giving Leon a bath and didn’t think twice about it beign a danger for our bath-loving Solie. I went to get a change of clothing for toots and came back to find Sol standing side the tub reaching in.  I about died.  He’s learning at a rapid pace keeping me on my toes.  He’s such a doll!!! Amazing what the second child can get away with.  Eating big boy food (I didn’t let Leon because of the mess until 18 months, HA), battling, missing naps, and the list could go on.   Scary to think what child number 3 will be doing eventually (no that doesn’t mean anything, just thinking ahead).   It’s a miracle kids survive the dangers of growing up. Parents too for that matter 🙂 We ended our trip with a glorious event of the stomach flu.  Forty minutes into our 12 hour trip home, Leon vomited all over the universe. We forged ahead and were praising God for a new carseat already awaiting us at home.  We gladly chucked the old one for unsaid, but clearly imaginable reasons. This also meant canceling Bonte’, Lee, Luke and Alex coming for my b-day and New Years, but God must have known we needed a few days down before round 2 began.  Though sad, we got some real downtime and felt ready to take on this next semester.  My man makes me proud.  I guess you could say he passed with flying colors.  Many a happy dances were done at the Engelhardt abode.  I feel like I passed too, not necessarily with flying colors, but still, passed.  I do have children that still love me, a hubs that still loves me, and my Jesus, who is at my side through it all and Loves me more than I can comprehend.  That is something to chew on and that is what I will take in to my 2012.  Love you dearly.  Hoping you had a wonderful time the past month or so. To this newest year!

Always, Bep

  1. great Bep! sad we missed New Years together this year, but there’s always next year, or our whole lives to celebrate that. Can’t wait to see you next. Nothing on the calendar…we’ll have to plan something to look forward to!

  2. You are brilliant 🙂 Love this as usual.

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