A letter

Somewhere in-between…with Emmanuel…

In Uncategorized on December 4, 2011 at 7:31 pm

Well, we are in the midst of the great land of finals currently.  Eaoihkgh! On one hand, I can’t  believe this semester is over. On the other hand, it’s a tad on the crazy side for the next two weeks.  I am building up a huge breath for my sigh of relief after David’s last final.  Then, off to NY for Christmas!!! Can’t wait.  I pray there will be snow, O, I pray! It’s hard for me to believe that we have lived here 4 months only.  It feels like an eternity. Each day I wake up hoping that I will feel more at home here, and a bit less “missing” of my old life.  I think it will take time.  I do love my new life, my new friends more each day.  I have met some amazing people and am so thankful God put us here.  Like the old saying goes though, ‘make new friends, keep the old, one is silver the other gold’.  While I love the new, my heart aches for the old at times.  I had a good cry for the first time the other night in a while while talking to David.  Felt so good to process and soon enough, tears were falling.  I think the thing I miss most is the feeling of being known.  It takes time to get to know everything about people.  I had the best thing happen the other day though, which fell under the “being known” category.  A dear friend randomly sent me a beautiful pair of shoes in the mail.  We share the same size and taste in shoe, and out-of-the-blue came this package for me.  It couldn’t have come on a better day.  I think that experience made me realize how much I miss that feeling of someone knowing you well.  In due time I will have that feeling again here, in due time.

I have been in a Bible study on the Song of Solomon that is ROCKING my world.  Who knew what was laced in that book. It’s changing me.  Provoked by the study, this last week I’ve been thinking about wanting to be where God is, now.  I was thinking back to our move to Wally 6 something years ago.  I didn’t really want to go then, but knew we must.  Wally ended up being my most favorite of times in life thus far.  Knowing God brought us here, it is apparent He is now here with us.  He is not still in Wally, but here.  I’m so wanting to be on God’s page.  I don’t want to be slow in the process of turning a page.  I want to get in the chapter of life we are in now and not waste loving this here season too late.  I’ve been chewing on that thought of God being here with us.  Emmanuel, it’s what his name means right?  More than generally speaking though, He is HERE with me, in Virginia Beach.  This is the chapter he is in.  As you know, I am not one to hold back.  If you saw me, you might think, “what does she mean by getting on the same page?”.  I am fully living here now, surrounding myself with friends, and memories, and laughter.  I am almost loving it here, but for sure loving who is here.  It’s not the outward part of page hopping I am talking about.  It’s the inward page turn, that I feel I have no control over.  I just keep telling God, I want to be with you.  He will help me I am sure.  Until then, I will carry on, enjoying the now, with a bit of homesickness underneath the layers.  I guess it’s good to miss.  When you’ve given your heart and soul to life and it takes you elsewhere, how could you not miss?

Hope you are having a Merriest of Christmas Seasons!!!

All my love,




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