A letter

Out of the mouth of Leon…and a 3 day menu…

In Landing on November 28, 2011 at 1:18 pm

Leon, as you know, never ceases to amaze us.  He and I have been having a few conversations regarding thankfulness.  He gets the concept mainly, I think.  After our first conversation about it, we took turns saying things we were thankful for.  He had quite a list including “Go-wi-waf” (Goliath in regular English) and bad guys.  Sort of odd, but in the world of an almost 3 year old, trained warrior at that, perfectly sensible.  Bonte’, Lee and Bub made the 6 hour trip here for Thanksgiving!  We almost had as much fun planning the menu for the 3 days they were here as we did during the actual trip.  I can assure you, my 5 lb weight loss prior to Thanksgiving has most definitely been negated. O well! They brought us the best Christmas present ever, by showing up at our balcony slider with a Christmas tree, stand, and lights.  I almost cried with Joy.  Christmas with no tree is pretty much not like Christmas at all.  Bonte’ also brought Christmas crafts and we  had a cheery ball making our home festive for the holidays.  Nothing like having a sister in town, nothing like it at all. We had a meat and cheese platter with garlic oil crostinis, homemade apple chutney, and olive tapenade the first night they arrived.  So stinking good!  I think I should have been born in France!  God was on to something when he thought up cheese.  The next morning called for French press coffee, southern ham, and biscuits.  Oh my.  Homemade biscuits at that!  Devine.  Our afternoon snack was a sinful mix of french brie, browned butter, toasted walnuts with cinnamon, and brown sugar, baked in a shell of puff pastry and eaten with crackers.  Not sure what we were thinking when we planned such a rich dish as the appetizer, but thoroughly enjoyed it and were full to the brim.  It was good our Turkey took an hour longer to cook, so that our appetites could return to semi-normal before indulging in the main course for Thanksgiving day. Fig, sausage and rosemary stuffing, mom’s rolls, garlic and sea salt french beans, goat cheese and arugula blackened carrots, orange cranberry sauce, mashers and the most amazing turkey ever wrapped in a butter soaked cheese cloth, stuffed with the most amazing assortment of delacacies. Chocolate Pecan pie, Pecan pie and Ma-maws pumpkin pies were for dessert.  It was just a perfect time all around.  So wonderful to be with family and so much to be thankful for.  We wanted to go around the table and share things we each were thankful for.  Leon started.  “I’m thankful for toys and fruit” he began. “I’m thankful for candy! For fish and sharks. For Candy! (2nd time)” Then he paused and said, “That’s all the things I’m thankful for!” There was not one of us that were not holding back gut busting laughter and we were just filled with delight!  What a cutie pie.  He was then going around giving hugs before bed.  While hugging Uncle Lee, he gushed, “you are the best guy ever”.  Again, all of us were holding back laughter, and smiling ear to ear.  When he got to Uncle Bub, he said while hugging  him, “you’re my hero”.  At this point, I was trying not to cry.  Such a little, guy with such meaningful, thoughtful things to say.  We all were astounded and it left us thinking about how blessed we really are.  I don’t think we could have had a better Thanksgiving.  God is amazing and has richly blessed us.  I am thankful for my boys.  They are our delight.  I am thankful for my sweet loving, husband who is my best friend.  I am thankful for family that lives close and most of all for a God who is patient with me, and loving to me.

With an overflowing heart….






  1. Bep! Your blog is too good. I could read it for hours. The food sounds and looks (ju posted pics on her blog) SO good!! What a feast. So fun.

  2. Bethany that’s so sweet I love it….made me laugh n cry. watching you four growing up just reminded me of you guys…glad leon has his bubba.

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