A letter


In Landing on November 1, 2011 at 7:03 pm

Southern living, in the fall, is a whole new cup of tea, iced tea I might add.  I keep pinching myself today, saying, “it’s November”.  Praise the Lord Starbucks just started serving eggnog lattes, which should help remedy my non-holiday feeling a bit.  It was 64 today and sunny.  I have all of our winter wear out, organized and we will wear it even if we sweat to death.  I love sweaters, and scarfs, and boots.  I refuse, and I repeat, refuse to we are socks with flip flops.  (yes, I have seen it a time or ten on a rainy cold day, and I am not a fan)  I probably have enough boots for half of virginia beach, and carefully plan each day’s outfits so I can at least wear all my favorite stuff before its 100 degrees again.  I have to say though, a few of the trees are changing  color now, and I think by Christmas it should feel very holiday-ish.  (here’s to hoping) We have a law-wives mom and kid play date every Friday morning at the Village playground.  Normally around 15 mom’s and their tagalongs show up.  So coffee in hand, half-bundled we headed out to the park.  As we got closer I thought to myself, “is it Friday?”. Not a soul was in sight.  This 50 degree weather had scared away all the Southerners.  I was shocked.  We weren’t even in coats yet, just sweaters.  That is when I realized I am a true NW gal.  The colder the better, and if you ask Luke or Esam, when it’s dreary and wet, it’s high time for an “adventure”. Last year when they had to mow in the snow/sleet/rain/mixture, I spent many a minutes trying to convince them how fun it would be.  I suggested wearing ski gear, wearing many layers, drinking hot coffee or cocoa.  At the time they didn’t think it was funny and now I will never hear the end of it.  But, that is how I view it.  Brisk weather calls for snuggling up, bundling up and creating some memories.  Hopefully it will be brisk enough to do all of those things here.  Only time will tell.  We got matching chin strap, fur lined hats for the boys, and David and I got entirely fur, chin strap hats in attempts to take a great family photo.  The photo was a disaster, at least on take one, but the hats, sure make it feel more like winter.  The boys look adorable and cannot possibly get sick wearing them here.  Anything that makes it feel more like home, right?

Speaking of the boys, they are growing like weeds in this warm fall weather.  Literally! Like weeds.  Solie went straight out of 6 months stuff into 12-18 month stuff overnight!  He is a chunk of 22 lbs.  He is entirely mobile without crawling.  So funny.  He can swivel and scoot every which way.  Any day now he should be making me chase him round the house.  I am looking forward to the extra work out, but dreading it at the same time.  I know he will keep me on my toes when he’s a movin’. Leon is cute as ever, also growing like a weed.  He is non stop “warior-ing” all day long.  He told David the other morning, “you are the biggest, strongest, warrior dad I have ever seen”.  Squishable.  And, at least once a day, he looks at me and says, “mom your beautiful”.  He’s a keeper, and God must have known I’d need to hear that in this crazy time in life, when at least Leon can appreciate the outfit I put on in the afternoon, eh-hem, I mean morning. (wink)

Well, wishing we could go grab an eggnog latte. Have one and think of me.

Love you dearly,


  1. OH MY WORD! So cute!!!! Bep, I will have an eggnog latte and think of you. I love you and miss you. Hugs!!!

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