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Out of the mouth of Leon…and a 3 day menu…

In Landing on November 28, 2011 at 1:18 pm

Leon, as you know, never ceases to amaze us.  He and I have been having a few conversations regarding thankfulness.  He gets the concept mainly, I think.  After our first conversation about it, we took turns saying things we were thankful for.  He had quite a list including “Go-wi-waf” (Goliath in regular English) and bad guys.  Sort of odd, but in the world of an almost 3 year old, trained warrior at that, perfectly sensible.  Bonte’, Lee and Bub made the 6 hour trip here for Thanksgiving!  We almost had as much fun planning the menu for the 3 days they were here as we did during the actual trip.  I can assure you, my 5 lb weight loss prior to Thanksgiving has most definitely been negated. O well! They brought us the best Christmas present ever, by showing up at our balcony slider with a Christmas tree, stand, and lights.  I almost cried with Joy.  Christmas with no tree is pretty much not like Christmas at all.  Bonte’ also brought Christmas crafts and we  had a cheery ball making our home festive for the holidays.  Nothing like having a sister in town, nothing like it at all. We had a meat and cheese platter with garlic oil crostinis, homemade apple chutney, and olive tapenade the first night they arrived.  So stinking good!  I think I should have been born in France!  God was on to something when he thought up cheese.  The next morning called for French press coffee, southern ham, and biscuits.  Oh my.  Homemade biscuits at that!  Devine.  Our afternoon snack was a sinful mix of french brie, browned butter, toasted walnuts with cinnamon, and brown sugar, baked in a shell of puff pastry and eaten with crackers.  Not sure what we were thinking when we planned such a rich dish as the appetizer, but thoroughly enjoyed it and were full to the brim.  It was good our Turkey took an hour longer to cook, so that our appetites could return to semi-normal before indulging in the main course for Thanksgiving day. Fig, sausage and rosemary stuffing, mom’s rolls, garlic and sea salt french beans, goat cheese and arugula blackened carrots, orange cranberry sauce, mashers and the most amazing turkey ever wrapped in a butter soaked cheese cloth, stuffed with the most amazing assortment of delacacies. Chocolate Pecan pie, Pecan pie and Ma-maws pumpkin pies were for dessert.  It was just a perfect time all around.  So wonderful to be with family and so much to be thankful for.  We wanted to go around the table and share things we each were thankful for.  Leon started.  “I’m thankful for toys and fruit” he began. “I’m thankful for candy! For fish and sharks. For Candy! (2nd time)” Then he paused and said, “That’s all the things I’m thankful for!” There was not one of us that were not holding back gut busting laughter and we were just filled with delight!  What a cutie pie.  He was then going around giving hugs before bed.  While hugging Uncle Lee, he gushed, “you are the best guy ever”.  Again, all of us were holding back laughter, and smiling ear to ear.  When he got to Uncle Bub, he said while hugging  him, “you’re my hero”.  At this point, I was trying not to cry.  Such a little, guy with such meaningful, thoughtful things to say.  We all were astounded and it left us thinking about how blessed we really are.  I don’t think we could have had a better Thanksgiving.  God is amazing and has richly blessed us.  I am thankful for my boys.  They are our delight.  I am thankful for my sweet loving, husband who is my best friend.  I am thankful for family that lives close and most of all for a God who is patient with me, and loving to me.

With an overflowing heart….






Stopping to ponder the good….

In Landing on November 17, 2011 at 7:13 pm

Giving of thanks. That is what I shall think about, and what I shall call this grand day of Thanksgiving. Even in a time, when the more-than-enough provision of the Lord seems scarce at times, I have chosen to be thankful. His provision is never shy, it’s often my perspective that comes up just a bit short.  He is always showing up on time, with things I had not thought of and plenty of what I had thought of.  God is probably laughing at me, and my stress over things that really don’t matter. I have been daily thinking of things that I am thankful for. I am overjoyed that my big and only big sis came to visit. Such a grand time. I can’t remember sharing a bed since she got married, though we used to for some 18 odd years. So fun. We pinterested and drooled over household wants until we were a soaking wet mess of inspiration. What fun. Grateful that Bonte’, Lee and Luke live in the same time zone. Thankful for Lizzy Daz’s Law school-fall-survival package. I kid you not, her festive counter spray was the sole reason I hand washed my kitchen floor. (it’s sort of a counter right?) I am thankful for random fallen trees in our mini forrest that provided me a grandeur wreath for the holidays. I am thankful for my amazing double stroller that is used daily and a life saver in this law school season. I rejoice over our amazing families and love and memories surrounding each one. I’m thankful for the little things: finding a new kitchen rug at Ross, getting an early birthday present, Solie’s new found talent of crawling, Leon’s new grown hair that can now stand on end, New friends to be learned, old ones to be enjoyed, throw pillows in absurd numbers, random objects to be smiled at and egg nog lattes that can now be made for cheap using Via!!!! I am also thankful for Thanksgiving plans with Bonte’, Lee and Luke. I am also head over heals in love with the man of my dreams, and couldn’t be more thankful for him! Most of all, I am thankful for someone like Jesus, who, while in this wretched state loves me ever so tenderly. Someone who actually delights in me, despite my shortcomings which are too many to count. Instead I will count my blessings. They are many. All my selfishness, and mishaps and less than lovely-nesses are forgiven. They are washed away into a sea where, though one could choose to remember them, does not ever recall them. If deep gratitude cannot well up upon such a thought, I am not sure if any thought could muster gratitude at all. Though I miss everyone deeply, and so wish I could be home, I am abundantly blessed!



In Landing on November 1, 2011 at 7:03 pm

Southern living, in the fall, is a whole new cup of tea, iced tea I might add.  I keep pinching myself today, saying, “it’s November”.  Praise the Lord Starbucks just started serving eggnog lattes, which should help remedy my non-holiday feeling a bit.  It was 64 today and sunny.  I have all of our winter wear out, organized and we will wear it even if we sweat to death.  I love sweaters, and scarfs, and boots.  I refuse, and I repeat, refuse to we are socks with flip flops.  (yes, I have seen it a time or ten on a rainy cold day, and I am not a fan)  I probably have enough boots for half of virginia beach, and carefully plan each day’s outfits so I can at least wear all my favorite stuff before its 100 degrees again.  I have to say though, a few of the trees are changing  color now, and I think by Christmas it should feel very holiday-ish.  (here’s to hoping) We have a law-wives mom and kid play date every Friday morning at the Village playground.  Normally around 15 mom’s and their tagalongs show up.  So coffee in hand, half-bundled we headed out to the park.  As we got closer I thought to myself, “is it Friday?”. Not a soul was in sight.  This 50 degree weather had scared away all the Southerners.  I was shocked.  We weren’t even in coats yet, just sweaters.  That is when I realized I am a true NW gal.  The colder the better, and if you ask Luke or Esam, when it’s dreary and wet, it’s high time for an “adventure”. Last year when they had to mow in the snow/sleet/rain/mixture, I spent many a minutes trying to convince them how fun it would be.  I suggested wearing ski gear, wearing many layers, drinking hot coffee or cocoa.  At the time they didn’t think it was funny and now I will never hear the end of it.  But, that is how I view it.  Brisk weather calls for snuggling up, bundling up and creating some memories.  Hopefully it will be brisk enough to do all of those things here.  Only time will tell.  We got matching chin strap, fur lined hats for the boys, and David and I got entirely fur, chin strap hats in attempts to take a great family photo.  The photo was a disaster, at least on take one, but the hats, sure make it feel more like winter.  The boys look adorable and cannot possibly get sick wearing them here.  Anything that makes it feel more like home, right?

Speaking of the boys, they are growing like weeds in this warm fall weather.  Literally! Like weeds.  Solie went straight out of 6 months stuff into 12-18 month stuff overnight!  He is a chunk of 22 lbs.  He is entirely mobile without crawling.  So funny.  He can swivel and scoot every which way.  Any day now he should be making me chase him round the house.  I am looking forward to the extra work out, but dreading it at the same time.  I know he will keep me on my toes when he’s a movin’. Leon is cute as ever, also growing like a weed.  He is non stop “warior-ing” all day long.  He told David the other morning, “you are the biggest, strongest, warrior dad I have ever seen”.  Squishable.  And, at least once a day, he looks at me and says, “mom your beautiful”.  He’s a keeper, and God must have known I’d need to hear that in this crazy time in life, when at least Leon can appreciate the outfit I put on in the afternoon, eh-hem, I mean morning. (wink)

Well, wishing we could go grab an eggnog latte. Have one and think of me.

Love you dearly,


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