A letter

One twelfth…

In Landing on October 15, 2011 at 6:07 pm

Fall break is upon us!!!!  Nothing has felt this great in a long time.  David told me yesterday, that one twelfth of Law School is done already.  Hard to imagine.  This has been one long twelfth!  I think it feels more like a year has gone by, but still a relief that a chunk of law is under David’s belt and that we are weathering this season in decent shape.  David is rocking Law School.  I could’t be more proud of my non-typical, lawyer husband.  I think he is one of a kind in his class and is loving school more than he thought he would.  We normally commence each crazy week with our Sabbath.  This means that from 5pm on Friday, to just after dinner on Saturday we do absolutely nothing relating to school or housework and just try to enjoy the time together.  I always began to slip into a slight depression when late afternoon begins to say hello on Saturday, somehow wishing it could last just a while longer.  It never does.  Today however, is different.  I am not sure if a day has felt like such a long time ever in my life.  We are in heaven.  We went to the beach today and spent hours walking in 75 degree weather, our toes in the sand.  We took a long drive, didn’t worry about naps, came home and made the absolute best home-made, double pepperoni pizza and have a movie and chocolates on the docket for later this evening.  Both boys are in bed and we spent much of the day battling Leon and kissing Sol.  Amazing what a few hours will do for the soul and it’s not even Monday.  I think it’s now that we realize just how insane Law School really is for both he and I.  It’s go, go, go, go, go, go, go, blink twice on our Sabbath, remember what each other looks like, and begin again.  P.S., I really love how my husband looks, and it’s nice to have an extended-hours-viewing of him. This week will truly be wonderful and it’s only just begun.

On a Leon note, he’s been full of hilarity lately. But are you surprised?  David called him into the living room yesterday and he came running in, stopped in full ninja pose (with his chubby hands poised in flat paddle like palms, eying David out of the corner of his eye) and said “I’m here battle warrior”.  I think he could live at war and be in seventh heaven.  He randomly, on numerous occasions walks up to David and begins punching and kicking him repetitively. I guess you could safely say that battling him is not my strong suit.  It’s not really even a suit I own.  Needless to say, he loves having dad home.  He also loves one of our neighboring families, to pieces!!!  Each and every day he says, “can I go to the new JJ’s house”.  New, because he met a JJ in NY and is quite confused that people can share names.  (Thus why when seeing Star Wars called bub, Uncle Skywalker.  Or when he heard a Kings of Leon song come on at Grammies house this spring said, “Kings of Me”!) The funny part is he calls all three of their younger boys JJ. this week he is figuring it out a bit, but until now, JJ works for them all.  They are a wonderful family of 4 boys and are on a pedestal in Leon’s little world.  (maybe it’s partially from the fact that they have boxes of “guys” that Leon loves to play with, or the fact that playing with boys is a far superior event than playing with girls) O Leon.  Today in the car he said, “I’ve got a reary good idea about getting me a toy”.  He’s also been sitting on the toilet and is eagerly telling us that he did a reary good toot in there.  Not exactly what we mean by potty training, but at least he is sitting on the potty.  It’s a start for sure.

Well, I am off to enjoy my night.  Hope your day is splendid.


Leon's buddy Jonathan, the youngest of the Blackman family.


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