A letter

A twice named place you can’t replace…

In Uncategorized on October 15, 2011 at 6:57 pm

Some places you love while you are there, and later, think fondly of them, but have come to see a more realistic view of them.  Other places, you love while you are there, and later, truly realize just how incredible it really was, also a more realistic view.  I never didn’t love Walla Walla, but now, I love it in ways that I never imagined.  Walla Walla is a place to be missed, and for those still living there, a place to be savored.  Few places on earth (and I have been to a few) are as special as good ol’ Wally.  Good Lord, I miss it!!!  I miss it so much I want to live there again.  Heck, I would move back tomorrow.  Of course I love the people, (as if clarification was necessary) but the actual place has things to offer that are a hard find elsewhere.  Not that you want to hear all this, but let’s start with the food, and you know how I love food.  Where else can you eat a steak like the one at Whitehouse Crawford?  Where can you buy meats and cheeses (and I do mean where?) of the quality and variety that Salumiere Cesario has to offer?  (Trust me, places like that are few and far between, and, I am aware of the fact you can buy a stick of Salami at the grocery stores) Where do you find bar tenders reviving the classic cocktails long forgotten, or have over a hundred wineries at arms reach? Where do you find quaint and cute boutiques, cafe’s with menu’s to be drooled over and a place with more gorgeous parks than is fair? (mind you, some cities don’t even have one that would compare) Let me tell you, even the thrift stores in Wally are superb! I miss it, how I miss it.  I can’t wait to bite into a a sandwich at Olive, get a panini at Gray’s, eat a 5 course meal at Whitehouse Crawford, (or more)  visit Teal at Public House 124 for the first time, eat the fries from Brasserie Four, get a cup of coffee from my favorite baristas at Plaza Way Starbucks, and drive 20 minutes into the beautiful land of Oregon, visiting with dearest Elsa at Edwards Farm while buying my fresh produce for the week.  I will also buy a chocolate chip cookie at The Patisserie, and eat Earl Gray Gelatto. (sigh, if only you could ship it).  I will visit all my favorite wineries, take many walks in the park, scour Goodwill for a daily steal, and spend a few nights in Waitsburg at a new bed and breakfast.  (I am sure it will be open by the time I return) There in Waitsburg, I will eat that sinfully good Ceaser salad at Whoopemup Hollow Cafe, and spend hours upon hours at our favorite, Jimgermanbar. (Not sure if a place like this exists anywhere but here). I would then have lunch at Pho Sho, and linger over tapas at Saffron Mediterranean Kitchen.  These are just a few of the things I will do when returning to Wally. It really is ‘a place so nice, they named it twice’, and irreplaceable to me.




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