A letter

Clotted cream…

In Landing, Uncategorized on September 22, 2011 at 7:48 am

Molly has been in town for 2 full days and 1 late night and it feels like she’s been here forever.  Forever is a very good thing in this case. If you were to look at the sides of my arms and legs you would know she has been here from the many bruises that have appeared.  Many a side jabs and pinches are a part of any, and I repeat ANY little excitement in life, for Molly. So glad she is here. I have eaten far too many sweets (again I will blame this on Mols) while she has been here, and I really don’t care.  We have worked out enough to compensate for the goodies, I think.  We made scones with clotted cream.  If you wonder what that is, it is very much what the name suggests.  Something deliciously good that probably clots something it’s not supposed to and full of creamy goodness.  Thank God for its invention somewhere in England. As we always say,” sometimes you have to say poop, and do what you want”.  In this case eating too many scones is our “do what we want”.  Speaking of poop.  We were all loaded up ready to head out of the house the other day.  It’s quite a walk to the car from our apartment, so we (meaning me, Leon’s not quite at the state of helping yet, unless of course you count the fact I don’t have to carry him to the car as well, as helping) normally bring as much as possible at once so as to avoid multiple trips.  In this case, I had diaper bags, Solie, Duggle, was pushing a stroller, and had a large bag of poop filled diapers.  Leon matter-of-factly said, “Are we bringing our poop with us?” Good question.  I answered a big “No”, and tried to explain that we were simply disposing of it.  The unfortunate part, while contemplating that question is, I have come to realize I most often do bring my poop with me.  Funny how kids make you think of these stare-you-in-the face things in life.  I don’t want to be someone that carries around the poop in life

.  I don’t want to harbor offenses, let little things ruin my day, let nonsensical things become far too important, or simply wear myself out with the weight of things I am not supposed to carry.  I have been carrying around too much of this so called “poop”.  Stopping and smelling the roses so quickly can become something you once did.  When is the last time I have done so?  Not exactly sure.  My problem is upon realizing this hard truth, that I again, rather than identifying and letting go, add one more frustration to the sack and carry it around for a while.  I wish it were easier said than done, this so called process of de-poopifying ones life.  I have decided to start focusing on the “done” part of this equation and allow God to help me loose my grip on the not so pleasant things in life.  This adjustment into law school has been an eternity of a 5 week stretch.  But, none the less, we are 5 weeks in and I am still breathing, still enjoying life to a certain level and beginning to love some things about Virginia Beach.  There are still many things I do not love, but that is the poop sack I will do my best to dispose of for now.  One day, I will again live somewhere with an edged lawn.  Until then, I will learn to look at jagged, grass grown sidewalks, and smile.



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