A letter

A storm is a brewin’…

In Landing on September 3, 2011 at 2:05 pm

I am exploding with things to tell you.  I don’t even know where to start it’s been so long.  I guess I will just begin.  The first, marked exactly one month since we got the keys to our new home now.  Still strange to call this home.  It definitely feels as though we live here, but I am not sure it feels like a real home yet.  It has been nice to come back to the same place and begin some sort of routine again.  We were finally starting to feel settled when Irene hit.  We quickly moved to un-settling our house shortly after.  My lack of news watching or reading combined with David’s all consuming-new school load, meant we were totally in the dark.  I was at Sam’s club with a a friend and she was recommending I get stocked up.  “Stocked up for what” I thought. Come to find out they were saying on some news channels to get a weeks worth of water and food for your family just in case.  Unprepared were we to say the least.  The thought of braving a 12-15 hour storm, that could or could not be INSANE, most likely with loss of power, with 2 babies, one flashlight, and a pitiful pantry of non-perishable foods sounded like our last choice option for Irene.  Going to Bonte’ and Lee’s? definitely, at the top of our list.  We stacked almost anything we could off of our floor, thus the un-settling, to prepare for flooding before leaving.  Praise God our preparations were in vain and the power was back on before we got home.  I am not sure I could have dealt with flooding or power outages at this juncture.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love me a good storm, and was actually bummed that it was as gorgeous as it was in Hickory, but I didn’t mind missing the stress of waiting for the worst of Irene.  We had a splendid time there on many fronts in NC.  Uncle Bub drove to see us, (Leon to be more specific) and boy was he in heaven.  He was full of non-stop chatter the entire time Bub was with us.  It was adorable.  The best was to hear his complete munchkin voice saying “I like your shirt Uncle Dunkle”.  What toddler is aware of that.  Well, I guess ours, and should we be surprised?  I guess not 🙂  His chubby feet have grown  (Leon’s not Uncles. (Wink)) This meant unpacking new shoes for him this a.m. “Do I wook sharp in these mom?”  “These are rearry cool, aren’t they papa?” and so forth all the day long today. During lunch today he turned to Papa and said, “Papa, can you tell me something rearry important?” He is absolutely, endlessly, amazing and wowing us.  At Church in North Carolina once they released the kids, he turns to the congregation and says, “Does any of the other kids want to come with me to play?”  Make note, he is the visitor.  I guess he is a lot like me as a kid, fearless, a socialite and extremely confident.  He is also at the “What’s that for” stage of life.  Conversations will go something like this…”What’s Batman flying for?”. Us, “to get the bad guys”. Him, “what’s he getting the bad guys for?”. Us, “because they are bad”.  Him, “what are they bad for?” Us, “because they did bad things.”  Him, “What did they do bad things for?”.  Us. “They are just bad”. At some point, we calmly, or not so calmly tell him the questioning is over . This is a hard concept for his 2.5 year brain to comprehend.

Our little Sol is an absolute chunk of a monkey and now sitting up.  He is weighing in at 19 lbs., and is pure muscle.  I guess we know how to produce ‘brick’ children.  You would think my arms would be a chiseled work of art carrying him around the entire day, and I might clarify, the entire day.  My whole body should be chiseled by now with my new routine as a single-handed mom of the universe.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.  I have started working out again.  Yuck, and a hallelujah! I was so sore after my first day of working out that I was kind of miserable having to do my run of the mill routines with the kids.  Never the less, I will persevere.  It’s something other than house cleaning I can be working on and I know I will love the results that come with this dedication.

David’s schedule is insane.  And, we are polar opposites.  If you were to separately ask each of us how the first few weeks of school have been and how it has effected our lives, you would hear an entirely different tale.  Here is mine.  He is booked, literally, from the time he wakes up until 11:30 at night, which in turn is more like, 12:30 most nights.  In other words, we don’t really see him other than his slotted lunch break 3 days a week, which last about 45 min to an hour and his dinner breaks from 5-7. Can you spell adjustment?  He is all consumed with school, as he should be and doing an amazing job diving into school head first.  He is a natural at it  in my opinion and I know in no time will be confidently grasping the concepts and material at hand.  It is definitely not for the faint of heart on either side of the coin.  Tackling this with a family is definitely an on-taking.  One day at a time is our motto.  If I look too much further ahead I begin to sink deeply into a great abyss.  I have mostly hard days through out this transition.  This week I had several great days back to back.  It was like a breath fo fresh air.  Finding a local, fantastic coffee shop had to be part of my cure.  The little things in life, right?

Well, I best be going.  Both kids have a poop needing to be changed.  I am thankful it’s our sabbath.  I just got a much needed nap, and woke up wondering if it was morning, a glorious disorientation. But, even on the Sabbath, someone has to change diapers.  It is me.

Love you, Bep


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