A letter

a change of suit…

In Uncategorized on August 23, 2011 at 8:04 pm

Well, this is a first and maybe a usual. I am writing you from my phone in thumb-pecking manner. I may or may not have just created a new word as well. It’s rather slow, but what my new life gives me at the moment. My beloved husband, who I miss dearly,  is quite busy, to say the least, and most all of the time using our laptop in his new found study of law. Pretty much everything seems new found in our life. It would actually be easier to count both the hours we do get to see Papa, and the things that are not new, than it would be to describe his schedule and the unfamiliar things surrounding us to you. I think I told you last time I wrote, that we drove here on August the first.  It was a rather monumental day if you ask me. As you well know, I am not one to super spiritualize, but when you cannot deny it, you should really stop to ponder. David spoke at his parents church, on the last day of July. He was amazing. This day also marked the last day of our transitional season, also amazing, after what we may say was the four of the most insane months of our life. August is the eighth month, the number of new beginnings. As I listened to David preach, unmatched to any other in my opinion, I felt highly emotional. I realized then, that this season of our life was actually closing. I knew it had been closing for almost an entire year now, but the close had actually come.  I realized I was not sure when I would hear him preach again. The suit he wore, I knew I would see so much of in our next season. It was a crazy moment for me. August first truly marked a change of suit for us. The last 23 days have been anything but easy in this land of new beginnings. I would say the suit feels too big and too small at the same time for us. Things are both underwhelming and overwhelming. I think, sometimes, even if the shoe seems unfitting, you wear it, knowing it was custom made for you. Good things don’t always feel good at the start. That is in essence how I feel. Each day I get up, look forward to my coffee, and know one day soon this suit will fit perfect. Until then the only thing perfectly fitting, is David in his custom made suit, literally, and my is he smashing in it.

Missing you still,


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