A letter

The word “also”…

In Road Trip on July 30, 2011 at 9:19 pm

Dad and mom sent us out of the house the other night to dinner and to get Leon a toy.  Sol and I shopped at Marshall’s and David and Leon went to the toy store.  Upon getting in the car, almost instantaneously, my ears were filled with Leon chatter, as he played with his new Batman and accompanying car.  Seventh heaven had arrived for Leon.  He was full-on in imaginary world.  As David and I were talking during our drive to dinner, having sort of tuned out this adorable chatter,  we were interrupted by the distinct awareness of a certain word coming from the back seat…”Batman fell (briskewww), also he got up (vrooom), also…(pause) Batman got into his car…also”  He has obviously discovered the word “also” and was having not only a good test drive of Batman’s new car, but this word “also”.  Too funny.  He is frequently getting lost in his world of imaginary play.  The intrenchment is deeper, daily.  Tonight, after a long and fun day at the lake (which is nicer verbage for “a day with no nap”) we convinced him to take a shower telling him he needed to see if his guys could swim.  Big hot tears streaming down his face, he looked at Grandma saying…”they are not your guys, (as if she was trying to take them) I need to see if they can swim”.  They did all right.  I think, surviving the drop into the tub with only an inch of water was greater accomplishment, but we gave them props for both. Batman, and two other guys, Leon would know their names, then enjoyed part of Leon’s hamburger and a short rest near his plate.  This is Leon’s world.  He frequently tells us about various things, “that’s fine mom, that’s fine.  Marshmallows are fine for me”.  “That’s fine for me dad, juice is fine for me, nem-en-ems are fine for me”.  At least one member of our family is sure about what is and isn’t okay in life right now.  Leon also said the other day, “I’m hungry mom, I’m hungry, I need to eat an elephant”.  We about died.  I have much more to tell you about, but it’s late and I must sleep.


Love, Bep

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