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Still in pj’s…

In Road Trip, Uncategorized on July 14, 2011 at 6:13 pm

Well, it is 8:25 pm and I am still in my pj-ers.  Sad story, rough day.  Eight pairs of undies gone through on day #1 of potty training. (one full of poop) I guess that is partially why I am still in my jammies.  Who knew potty training could be such a chore.  Things I have learned by the end of day two: always buy more than one package of undies when potty training, boys don’t learn to pee sitting down, find a target for boys to aim at when training.  PHEW!  Tonight as a last attempt for peeing victory, I had Leon try to pee on a leaf outside.  He told me “I don’t like that one, it’s ruined”.  (speaking of a leaf that was folded in half) I then proceeded to try to find a leaf that was a more “perfect” target for him.  Even with a perfect leaf target, we ended day #2 with success being a pile of wet undies. I guess you could say we have made some progress.  I had him try to pee for a minute or two, cheering him on with great enthusiasm.  “I did it mom, I did it” was his, also enthusiastic response. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm stopped there and he still had no pee to show for. He then, went out on the porch and came back in a moment later with wet pants.  “I just went and peed on the porch”, he told me.  Should I have congratulated him?  Kind-of I guess.  I half praised and then tried to explain that his peeing on the porch should happen without underwear next time and either in a toilet or on the grass.  Well, at least he sort of gets that you go, just not when we want him too yet.  He has to get it sometime and looks so hilarious in his little “tightie-whities”, that I haven’t grown weary yet.  I don’t know of any adults that are still in diapers.  We have a hope.  We will persevere!!!

As you can imagine, Leon has an entirely new crowd to impress here up in the mountains.  Grandma was pushing him around the enormous yard on a once motored,  child’s, John Deere truck. After tiring and placing him on the trampoline he said, “common, push me again”.  To which she responded, “I am tired”.  This went on for sometime, back and forth, until finally Leon said, “Okay, I guess I’ll have to kiss you on the lips” then walked over and did so.  Grandma about died.  Needless to say, she pushed him wherever he wanted for a few more minutes.  She later caught him playing with his “pickle” and told him not to do so.  He responded with a simple, “You call it a pickle, I call it a pee-pee”.  Shocked and trying not to laugh she still advised the same. “Okay” he replied, paused and then said, “can I pick my nose?”.  As he once told Aunt Rachel, he has an amazing mind.  I guess it’s true.  Hopefully we can keep up with him.  Today, not so much.

To more success, another day.

Your potty training mother-friend, Bep

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