A letter

Sometimes you have to shave your head…

In Road Trip on July 11, 2011 at 2:03 pm

It’s true.  I shaved the right half of my head and love it!!!  I have had this hankering to do it for quite some time and figured, shoot, if I don’t do it now I may never get to.  These may be my last 3 years of edginess and may have to retire to the more conservative styles appropriate for the wife of a politician or lawyer.  Wink.  I don’t know if the wild side of me ever will retire, but in reference to hair, it may have to at some point in “my world”.  (as Leon would say) Leon has been quite the character as always.  When we arrived to Julie and Lee’s that night, he sat down on the trailer step while Uncle Lee and Papa were unhitching it, and said, head in hand, and knee crossed, “What is happening in my life (pronounced ‘wife’)?” We all died over that many a times throughout the next five days.  He may really be wondering that after all we have been through the past few months.  He is as adaptable as can be though, making friends everywhere we go.  During a car breakdown on the ways here, Leon and Sol and I took what seemed like a ten mile walk (even though it was closer to a ten block walk) in the 105 degree heat to Starbucks while Papa fixed the car.  Leon socialized with just about everyone while I fed Sol and was unable to reel him in.  He’s as comfortable as can be in new settings, and thinks he is the “King of NY” as he told us the other day.  Grandma and Grandpa will love to hear that.  He has also been given a new nickname.  After devouring almost an entire bag of blue corn chips, Lee’s mom nicknamed him “Chipster”.  He also told us those ones were healthier for him.  He asks upon goodbyes, “are you going to be sad?” or “are you going to cry?”.  Hilarious, but appropriate.  All goodbyes as of late have been a bit weepy, and in the spectrum of his life, or his cognitive and memorable life, almost all have been that way.  He was surprised to hear Aunt Lynn say she wouldn’t be sad, because she would see us again in a few weeks.  Nice to be on the other side of weepy goodbyes for now.  We can look forward to hellos that are just around the corner.

Hopefully you will be one of the hellos.

Bye for now,


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