A letter

Six lanes…

In Road Trip on July 11, 2011 at 1:44 pm

Well, we made it to Virginia Beach.  My mental picture was shattered in a mere second when we pulled on to one of the main drags to six lanes of traffic in each direction.  So much for the mental picture I had.  I guess I had pictured it big, but in a smaller biggish sense.  It is huge!!!! It is very spread out and lush and green everywhere.  We didn’t get to see the beach this time, time just got away from us.  By the time we checked in at our storage unit to get the key, found our way to Uncle Lou and Aunt Lynn’s (greeted by kisses on the cheek, my hidden love for the way of the Italian relatives) unloaded me and the kids it was already 7:30 pm.  Then David, and our two cousins went to unload our trailer’s contents into the storage unit.  The next day was filled with picking up items we purchased on craigslist to furnish our new home.  Things were a bit further away than we had imagined.  Our beloved rocking chair was a short 50 minute drive away.  Woops!  It’s a beauty as I said earlier and David got a chance to scout out the area.  At this point I have just resolved to find grocery stores that are nearby. It’s going to take a while to feel like we know the area.  A woman we purchased something from says she still uses her GPS after 6 years.  Yikes.  My daily trips to Goodwill will definitely not be a daily adventure in Virginia Beach.  It will have to be a carfully planned outing in our new life.  I think I am okay with that.  I’ll just have more to look forward to when I do go.  At least there are Starbucks there.  I don’t think we saw a coffee shop for about 4 states.  Shocking!!!  Praise be to God though, Aunt Lynn is a kindred soul.  She has a love for coffee and LOVES thrift store shopping and garage saling!  Amazing  that God has them planted in Virginia Beach.  Maybe he planted them here just for us in this season. We are grateful.

So far away…Bep

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