A letter

Running on gas….

In Road Trip on July 11, 2011 at 1:36 pm

We thought Leon had a problem with gas as a baby.  It’s how he got the nickname “tootie”.  However, Solomon has taken gassiness to a whole new level. Poor baby.  Road trips are rough on a lot of our systems, but especially on his.  Most stops to fill up on gas have consisted of leg presses, crunches and trying to help get Sol’s gas out. Poor Sol’s little system.  We think he is probably teething too which never helps.  I probably attribute too much to thinking it’s gas, but who knows, it probably is.  Gas has really fueled our trip across the country thus far on multiple levels.  There have been quite a few sleep-sparce nights due to this issue and all sleeping in one room.  I wonder how families do it in one bedroom houses various places around the world.  I told Bonte’ when we had their little house packed with our family of 4, Uncle Bub and the two of them, that while tight, it is how life is lived often in many places.  It’s kind of fun.  It made me think of the book Rachel had to read for her college class about the Italian community that lives long and healthy hearted lives, not beacause of eating well, or exercising, but because of living together, surrounded by love and community.  Worth the sleepless nights to say the least.  My new middle name is “Flexibility”, something for this organized and planned individual that doesn’t always swallow easy.  I am learning though and hopefully growing in grace each day.  Today we are trailer free (hallelujah) and headed to New York to Papa’s stomping grounds, Margaretville.  We can’t wait.  There is something so peaceful about going home to the moutains.  We are thrilled to see Dad and Mom, to potty train Leon, (can I hear an amen) and just to get a few extra zzz’s before our real life in Virginia Beach begins in a few short weeks.  Too bad we all can’t blame our problems in life on gas, like Sol. As adults we have to learn to resolve lifes problems and discomforts with or without  help.  It’s the working through of these things that round us out and make us more grace filled and patient people.  As I always tell Leon patience is ‘happy and waiting’.  Papa and I are learning patience now, hoping for sleep filled nights soon and life outside of duffle bags.  Until then we are happy and waiting.

Love, Bep

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