A letter

Almost home…

In Road Trip on July 9, 2011 at 7:16 pm

I stepped into the elevator in our hotel in Sidney NE and instantly felt like I was in Novasibirsk, Siberia at 15 years old.  Strange how a distinct smell, and the right humidity and temperature can flash you back to a memory long forgotten.  Loved that feeling. I am hoping to have that same “flash-back” experience about home once I am in Virginia Beach.  I am sure I will.

We are a few hours outside Virginia Beach.  We are almost home, I guess.  This is a feeling I have never experienced.  Almost home to somewhere I know nothing about.  It’s kind of exciting, and altogether strange.  Leaving Lee and Bonte’s this morning I knew it was real.  After a 5 day visit, which was altogether too much fun, you have that natural feeling of “heading home” inside.  This time though, I knew we were not going to somewhere that felt like home yet.  I am not sure I will ever have this experience again.  Most places you move to, you have scouted out, or visited before.  It’s sort of a strange visit home this time.  I feel ready for it though today.  Five days spent with Bub, Bonte’ and Lee was medicine for the heart and just what we needed for this next little leg of the Journey.  The goodbyes this morning, were sweet.  I kept saying to Julie, “Well, if we left anything, you can just bring it in a few weeks”.  Then we would smile ear to ear.  I almost needed to pinch myself this morning.  We stood praying for a few moments, huddled together on the wet, wet grass with North Carolina humidity sticking us together like glue.  We are really on the East Coast and really about to drive into Virginia Beach.  So many unknowns are about to be known.  This beast of anticipation is about to be had.  I love the feeling I have today.  I know the Lord’s sitting right next to me today.  He always is, but today I am aware of His presence in a special way.  We are drivning down a gorgeous tree lined road with raindrops the size of sol fists hitting the windshield.  I think I am going to stop writing and take it all in for now.


P.S.  We got a new rocking chair and a load of other stuff today. We have to redo the seat of the rocker, but it is a keeper.

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