A letter

The medicine of laughter…

In Chapter Move on June 10, 2011 at 5:43 pm

No more than twenty minutes after arriving home from our 6 days in the hospital, David and Leon fell down the basement stairs with many loud thuds and random shouts of words that could not be understood.  I thought for sure someone had a broken limb, or worse.  Leon cried without a sound for minutes, his mouth wide open.  Uncle Caleb stood at the top of the steps, glancing over at me with winces and unsure looks.  I didn’t know what to think.  Could this really just have happened? Did my husband and son really just crash to the bottom of the stairs?  Grammy, who was at the bottom of the stairs, was also in awe, and very relieved to finally hear Leon’s silent cry turn into a real, loud one.  Now to check for injuries.  Thankfully, rug burns on Leon’s back and a very sprained ankle on papa was all that the fall incurred.  After getting over the initial shock, we all laughed so hard, that some of us cried.  It was like the unbelievable had just happened, but not quite.  Can you imagine us showing back up to the hospital with our two and a half year old and a broken bone? Or, worse yet, papa being incapacitated with an injury?  I cannot. It was such a relief and so hilarious that we just laughed and laughed for what seemed like hours every time it was mentioned.  I guess sometimes laughter is truly the best medicine.  Thankfully, the outcome of such an event was laughter.  Nothing more, nothing less.

We were given another dose a few days later, much needed as well. We were attempting a family quiet time with the Lord. A time which never turns out to be quiet at all.  Leon was asked to recite Psalm 23 which he has learned with Pepaw since being in Spokane.  He can recite it perfectly in his two year old jargon, though still unable to say “L’s”.   This time when he and Papa got to the part stating “you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies”….Leon piped in “and gowiwaf” (Goliath).  David and I with grins from ear to ear looked at each other trying not to laugh.  David, before moving to Spokane, had been reading to Leon the story of David and Goliath.  Leon always used to say, “Gowiwaf is a mean enemy of God’s people”.  I guess he just thought it seemed right to add in Goliath as a specific enemy during this particular time of reciting Psalm 23.  We then proceeded to pray together.  David asked Leon to repeat each portion.  David had prayed several phrases, after which Leon would say the exact same. Then David said, “Lord, give us lots of money”.  After a short pause Leon said with great exuberance, “you give us candy!”.  Forget trying not to laugh, it was impossible now.  His quick translation of money into more appropriate and desired terms for someone of his age and appetite was brilliant. Maybe Leon is our prescription drug for life. And maybe, just maybe, God has prescribed for high doses for us, especially in this season.

Love and miss you.


  1. ahh! bep! haha.

  2. After only meeting the little lion boy that one time, I can hardly imagine him as a little man who now speaks, but you do such a good job describing him! What a gift!

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