A letter

“Home is where your rump rests”…

In Chapter Move on June 2, 2011 at 9:14 pm

I realized I never even had a chance to catch you up on our trip to Wally.  I guess that got sidestepped with the Solie episode.  What a crazy week it’s been, and the one before it, well, I thought that one was crazy too.  When it rains it pours. Literally and literally.  Well, we got to our beloved abode to tape out the exact size of the trailer on the basement floor.  Entering our once “home” seeing it so empty was strange.  Even stranger was the comforting feeling of driving into Wally, yet knowing we didn’t live there anymore.  Whew!  Insane mix of emotions.  Little did we know that our plans to carefully pack the imaginary taped trailer full of our treasured things would have such a drastically different outcome.  Meesh, Pd and myself began moving things to the imaginary trailer and quite quickly realized that not only would we have to get rid of the living room furniture, but all our furniture and about half of what we had intended on bringing with us.  It was sort of a sinking feeling.  For me a huge sinking feeling.  David said I started talking in my fake voice, trying to stay positive, telling myself that it would be okay.  Lord must have know I couldn’t handle parting with all of our “home” at the same time.  I thought getting rid of the stuff I had before was rough.  This would mean parting with the favorite of the favorites!  It would mean going to Virginia with just the essentials, our kitchen stuff, a few child hood boxes, books, and clothes for the boys to grown into.  With a coughing baby, the sudden realization of parting with the rest of our stuff and the strange set of emotions of being home, yet not home, I was done for.  We decided to sleep and finish sorting through the next day.  What a fabulous decision.  Sleep does wonders for a worn out soul.  We had much better perspective in the morning.  Things are just things.  And things don’t go with you to heaven.  I will  find new treasures.  I will rescue another couch and chair in Virginia Beach.  I will snatch a perfect flower vase in some wonderful shop I discover, and began hunting for new decorating ideas in various magazines and books along the way.  As Pumba would say…”home is where your rump rests”.  I guess I can learn from Pumba.  Home is not what we have but where ever we will land together. The most important things are going with me already.  My love, and my two boys.  Everything else is replaceable.  We have made it the last two months with just our immediate belongings and are doing just fine.  We have the most important things there are…each other, and friends and family.  As we settle from this last week, and catch our breath, I can now say it’s going to be okay.  It’s sort of refreshing to start all over.  Sometimes you have to just cut the ties and begin brand new. David is made for this, and I think, well, I am too. It will be fun.  It’s crazy to think we are leaving Spokane in 14 days.  Another chapter about to close and a new one about to begin.  I am taking it one day at a time.  One day at a time is good, it’s all you can really do. Remind me to tell you a hilarious story later.  It almost made us cry and well, some of us did cry and laugh at the same time.

I’ll try to write again soon…


P.S. I found an amazing tea pot that is going with us to VB. In love! It’s short and stout and just plain cute.

  1. Well, I know the Lord has some wonderful new treasures hidden for you on this side of the country. Bep, you’re gonna have a blast redoing everything! I can’t wait to help you too! And you’re leaving Spokane in 14 days already?!? wow, time sure does fly!
    Love you!

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