A letter

With sugar on the top…

In Chapter Move on May 18, 2011 at 6:17 pm

As you know I am a big fan of doing things you enjoy.  After all, we only live once, and life shouldn’t be a drudgery.  And you know Coffee is, without a doubt, my favorite of life’s enjoyments. A day without coffee, even decaf, is a sad day.  It makes my day that much more enjoyable. I sometimes wished David enjoyed coffee as much as I do, but he doesn’t.  I think everyone should find little things that make life enjoyable, like coffee, or sitting to do the crossword for a few minutes each day.  Another of the little things that make me smile.  Sweets as of late have been one of those little enjoyments I have been converted to against my will.  I have been working out, trying to get back into shape after Solie.  Unfortunately, staying at my mom and dads, I am at the mercy of my mom’s sweet tooth.  My brother Bub and I are the two that got a bit overdosed on mom’s nightly desserts as kids.  We are both savory and salty people.  But since staying here, YIKES!!!  A little bite here and a little bite there is a dangerous thing.  Mom’s desserts are amazing, and they come in a weekly variety of goodness.  A fresh baked chewy chocolate chip cookie,  a pan full of chocolatey rocky road bars, chocolate chocolate chip cookies, and “Chocolate Meat Balls” (Leon’s title for moms chocolate peanut butter balls), just to name a few.  Not to mention FroYo as I have mentioned before.  My goal of loosing my last 12 is now seeming a distant wish.  I have decided I shall be like my sister Bonte’ and her husband Lee and ration out when I shall have these goodnesses.  They strictly eat desserts only on the weekends.  Applause, applause!  I think if our family implemented this plan it would benefit us all while still affording us the joy of such goodnesses.  David, the real sweet tooth in our family and has strongly passed this trait on to Leon.  Since working out David is becoming quite the health conscious one.  I am normally the one trying to reel them in, suggesting carrots over chocolate chips etc.  What has happened to me?  I am the one suggesting FroYo now.  This is when I say, you live once.  I guess our workouts (David’s at the gym and mine on the internet or at home with my mom) are so that we can enjoy this life we live.  I guess I am lightening up some, which is probably good, and David is tightening up, which is also probably good.  Maybe we are both more balanced now.  Twelve pounds less or not, you should for sure find yourselves a FroYo and try it. In Coeur d’Alene where our good friend “Uncle Caleb” lives, its called “Jams”. I think they all have different names.  You should also, twelve pounds less or not, work out.  It is good for you on all sorts of levels and allows for a little more room to “fudge”. If you are struggling to enjoy life, allow yourself the luxury, even if it is only once, to do something enjoyable.  Promise me you will. Don’t let life be a drudgery.  Enjoy it.

Enjoying mine,



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