A letter

Today, not tomorrow or yesterday.

In Chapter Move on May 16, 2011 at 11:51 pm

I have found myself wishing tomorrow would come.  For, after all, tomorrow could mean so many things.  It could mean answers about our house selling or not, and what would happen either way.  It could mean knowing what Law School is like and how we are handling it.  It could mean knowing our financial state, and exactly when money might run out. It could mean knowing what friends we might make, what our apartment is like, and just how hot the summers are in Virginia Beach.  But, it might also mean that Solie is 18 years old and his melt-heart, dimpled smile would not be the same.  It might mean that Leon stops saying “I love you the best time” and  “movies are my life”.  It might also mean that when Pe-Paw is telling Leon just how great of a boy he is, that he might not respond with an innocent…”are you done yet?”.  It might mean that we are celebrating our 30 year anniversary, and can’t remember the beauty of this time with our boys, and the great adventure we find ourselves in.  It might mean that the delicious Flying Goat pizza dinner we had is blurred instead of the greatest family dinner we have enjoyed in a while. Wishing tomorrow would come would mean wishing away today. Tomorrow will come, but for now I can enjoy daily walks with my mom, late night hang outs with our dear friends the Hugs, coffee dates with my sisters, lots of dates with my handsome husband, free baby sitters, my moms amazing home cooked meals, Cousin time with the Sonnelands, and snuggling our 32lb 2 year old and our 9 week old Solie.  It doesn’t get much better than today.  It’s been pouring rain all day and we slept with our window open to the sound of it last night.  I love the rain.  I have decided to live here for now.  I’ll get to live tomorrow when it comes. Are there stresses in today?  Well, today there have been many, but I am deciding not to focus on them as best I can. Most of them I have no control of.  As of now, today, we are okay.  Actually, we are more than okay. We are blessed.

On this rainy day,


  1. We are praying for all four of you. There was a time we kept wishing tomorrow would come faster and bring answers to our many situations and questions. We missed the splendor of those times and with that lesson learned we now enjoy each day as it is. Enjoy your new direction in life it will only make you stronger and closer to the finish line 🙂

  2. Love you and your positivity! Hugs!

  3. you make me cry bep.

  4. So true, Bep. These times are precious and God hold our future in his hands. It’s a good word 🙂

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