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In Chapter Move on May 10, 2011 at 10:25 pm

What have we been up to since leaving Wally?  I am not exactly sure.  A whole lot of…um…stuff I guess you could say.  It’s quite strange to go from one fully established life as youth pastors and a well established routine into a season of limbo overnight.  We were pooped when we got to Spokane.  Actually, more than pooped.  I don’t think we knew exactly how tired we were until just recently when we stopped feeling so tired.  Little Solie will never know how crazy it was around the time of his birth, but I will.  Packing, giving birth to a baby, 2 weeks later having a huge yard sale, more packing, and three days before leaving, all of us getting the stomach flu.  Just when you think you can’t handle anything else, you find out you can. When Solie was 3 weeks and a few days old we drove away and headed for a lot of unknowns.  These unknowns have just begun to get exciting.  I wish I knew what we could have done to flip the anticipatory switch earlier, but am so thankful it has ben flipped.  PD and I decided to google search “things to love about Virginia Beach”.  It’s a whole land of unknowns that I am ready (or think I am getting ready) to take on. As Leon will says,” we will live in Ginia Beach” and constantly says he is ready to go there.  To get back to the first question, I am still not really sure I can fully tell, but will try.

Two boys and all their needs fill most of our days. There are lot’s of poop changes. (hopefully, soon there will be less if Leon ever decides to do what one must to wear “big boy undies).  There are daily naps, most days for some of us.  There are vigorous workouts for 2 of us and there are play-date trips to the park with Aunt Allison the kids, and many other friends.   We’ve also been hanging out with grammy and pepaw, the aunts and uncle hobes (my youngest brother), and taking many trips to this amazing frozen yogurt place called “FroYo”.  It’s dangerous to have such a steel-trap-minded boy who will randomly say, “I need to go to FroYo”.  We normally, gladly oblige.  It’s a small sacrifice in parenthood we are willing to make.  This family time is irreplaceable and very needed.  Much of our days thus far have been filled with un-recallable things that have slowly allowed us to unwind, breathe, and adjust to our new life that awaits us.  God is amazing and knows what we need when we often don’t. What’s great about this season is, there are really no lasts and no firsts, just the comfort of family which is constant.  We are blessed to have this season of the in betweens.

Until later,


  1. How familiar this all sounds to me, Bep!! My husband and I were 28, Brian was 5 and Andy was 15 mos when Joe was accepted into Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in Portland, Ore. No job, just seminary, and two small boys. To this day, I recall how my insides flipped every time I thought about leaving our Ephrata church family, and my fam in Wenatchee.
    It was the alpha step of an incredible odyssey during which Joe was in school 6:30-6:30 five days/week. We had decided to be houseparents in a group-care facility of 13 teen boys; this meant that I was just there, before, after and during school hours. These boys were not criminals, but they were hellions, and since I’m the oldest in my birth fam, I don’t put up with much of that behavior. On our days off, we were in our apartment and our dear friend, Larry Ruddell and another college kid ran the group home. That’s where we met Larry. The entire group care experience was one that I would not trade–I never knew I loved teens so much!! It was SO easy to build relationships with these boys, who were in such need of a Mom and Dad, and structure, and trust. Piece of cake. We did that for 6 years, three in Vancouver and three in Colfax. Joe finished his MA degree and half of a PhD; I completed my BA via phone and mail at Evergreen State. With 15 kids. We and Larry were a very strong 3-person team for years, and I look back now, incredulous at what God has done in my life.
    When we were finished at Colfax, we moved to Spokane, began going to Zion and then changed to Harvest. There, we met your fam when Allison was toddling. I think you were a baby; the men were playing softball and we girls were on blankets around the field. My boys, by then were in second and sixth grade, and not around unless there was FOOD.
    My reason for putting all this down on paper on your blog is to let you know that, hard as it is now to see huge changes happen during the flu and new babies (they both look like Luke did, to me!), you will review your life 30 years from now and be totally amazed at our Lord’s hand in things. The places you’ll go, physically and spiritually, will astonish you; the friends you gain will remain forever steadfast. Though I hardly see them now, I am confident that your parents and the Ruddell’s will remain dear to me always. I have some hilarious memories and endless anecdotes, which my children will not allow me to repeat in their presence. Your turn is coming. Your life will be so full and so busy, you’ll have very little time to look back, till you retire and have grands to play with!! It will be such an adventure…go forth, Little Sister, and meet the new LIFE God has planned for you!!! Love and Blessings! ~Sandy

  2. Love ya Bep! You are amazing:)

  3. Thank you so much for posting this link on Face Book. Really enjoy hearing how your life has been going since you left Walla Walla. You sound like such a good parent.

  4. bep! we are gonna fro yo it up when i get back! i seriously love your bog. love you more though.

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