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In Chapter Move on May 9, 2011 at 8:24 pm

I think I am possibly one of the most sentimental humans out there.  Just about everything carries sentiment for me.  I was one of those people that saved all the hair from hair cuts for years in little plastic sandwich sacks.  (I think I still have some of those sacks in a childhood box.) So, you can imagine for me, moving is no easy task.  Moving means leaving things behind, and in this case, not just places or residence, but people.  For David, moving is adventure and thrill.  For him saying good bye is as simple as “see ya, it’s been great knowing you.” I sometimes wish it was that easy for me.  Instead, good byes are filled with thousands of tears and floods of memories.  It’s how I am though, I love deeply.  Whether it is finally throwing out the back pack my dad used to carry us in (which was over 30 years old and not functional) that no one purchased at our yard sale, or squeezing a dear friend not knowing when you may see them again, both are darn hard for me.  There were many “lasts” for our family over the past few months.  The first of the Last’s began when Luke left for “North Kern-O-Rina” (North Carolina in case you don’t understand Leon lingo) to drum for The Paper Tongues.  This was an unexpected change of plans for Luke and began the good bye process much too soon for me.  The “Lasts” included, eating cheap box pizza late at night with bub and Esamy, Leon playing drums “wif uncle bub” at church, visiting uncle at Starbucks, and not having Luke come in the back door saying “toot-toot”, as he was looking for Leon.  This was just a few of the things that would change forever.  I will never forget the last time I lead worship, the Sunday after Love Encounter.  There are no better people to play and sing with, absolutely none.  I sat through our last Sunday service choking back the tears as I looked around the sanctuary.  What wonderful faces, what beautiful people.  I don’t really recall what Pastor Bob spoke on, but won’t forget hearing him speak.  What an amazing pastor. Everything had  a “last” before we drove away. Even the apple blossom trees blossomed pink buds to bid their farewell to us.  I could go on and on, but I might have to write forever.  Oh how I will miss Wally World and all the things it holds.  What a wonderful chapter of our lives.

We’ll talk soon…


Drumming with Uncle Bub

  1. Bep, Love your blog so interesting to read! So good to be updated on how life is for you guys right now! Since the day you left i have been missing you and your little fam more and more as the days go on. Missin tootie, his hugs and kisses, and snuggle times. Missin that solie boy so much too, miss holding him all the time and looking at that mini face for hours. Those boys i will always miss and love too much. You and PD i miss so much… all the times we would have when i came over were some of my fav. Thinking of your fam everyday, sometimes missin you so much it will bring me to tears. But i know someday soon i will see you again, i cannot wait for that day! Miss you more than ever! Love you more than words can say. -Ang

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