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In Chapter Move on May 9, 2011 at 8:55 pm

Kids keep life real.  They also seem to adapt better than we do.  Moved or not they need to eat, poop, play, and sleep.  And since they do, we do.  It’s a good thing we have them.  Leon’s statements and comments on life never cease to amaze us.  His new occupation is keeping tabs on several important things in life;  whether people are cold or werm (warm), whether people are awake or asleep, and whether people are happy or sad. He also questions in several ways just so he is clear in his questioning.  “Are you werm pappy, are you not cold?” “Are you awake mom, are you not sleeping?”  Thank God we have him, other wise we may not have been keeping tabs on such important things in life.  He is a thoughtful boy.  The other day when I was homesick and crying while sitting on the bed next to papa, he inquired…”are you sad mom? you have a tear.  Can I hold you?”  I picked him up and he proceeded to hug me, patting my back ever so gently repeatedly saying…”It’s okay mom, it’s going to be okay.”  I proceeded to cry harder and laugh at the same time while looking at David in amazement.  What an amazing boy we have here.  God really knows what we need and he gave us Leon. He is also quite concerned on doing everything, “togeever”.  Well, I can’t say he didn’t get anything from me.  He has my togetherness sense, and my brick feet.  Smile.  Solie seems to be thriving as well.  He has gained a whopping 4 lbs since we left Wally.  Hopefully the rest of us have not.  He is smiling and cooing and learing to sleep well at night. We are blessed to have our boys and are trying to adapt and look at life more like they do.  If we have learned one thing though, it is that there is almost no crankiness a good nap can’t fix.

Thankful for our



Smiling Sol.


  1. oh sol. lookin good that baby. I cant believe how Leon can carry a conversation. Last time I was in Spokane, I said “Leon, you aren’t going to have any problems communicating in life are you?” He said “no” Meesh-“cause you’re a smart boy” Leon- “Im smart. I wont haf any probwems meesh”.

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